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Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education Seminar Programme Summer 2009
Following our early April conference on the theme of Learning to be Professional through a Life-Wide curriculum we continue to examine the idea and practice. These seminars will be filmed and streamed live to the internet.
Visit for details of streaming.

May 12th 2009 12.30-13.45
Dr Jenny Willis, University of Surrey and SCEPTrE Fellow
Defining Professionalism
Streaming link:

June 9th 2009 12.30-13.45
Professor Michael Eraut, University of Sussex and SCEPTrE Research Consultant
Improving the Quality of Learning through Work Placements

July 9th 2009 12.30-13.45
Professor Len Cairns Monash University
Capability in the Lifespace in the 21st Century

Learning to be Professional through a Life-Wide Curriculum Wiki

Video recordings of invited speaker talks

Professor Ron Barnett
The will to be a professional: how a life-wide curriculum might encourage important features of will

Professor Michael Eraut
Improving the quality of work placements

Professor Ursula Lucas           
Reflection: a key personal agency for learning to be a professional?

Phillip McCash
Career development learning through a life-wide curriculum

Professor Karen Evans
Seven Principles for Putting Knowledge to Work: exploring their potential for the 'sandwich placement model' of work integrated learning

Other Resources

Anthony Wailey and Susana Sambade
Constructing a Professional Story
London College of Communication University of the Arts London

Student Voices

Sarah Campbell a level 3 psychology student interviewed six students who had been on placement to find out what being professional meant to them.. watch this video to find out what they discovered for themselves

Andra Ilie a level 1 Hospitality Management student tells us through a digital story what lifewide learning means to her

Teacher Voices

Russ Law
Personal experience of Learning to be Professional
Compilation of Participants’ Stories

Jenny Willis
Presentation analysing participants’ stories of Learning to be Professional

Julian Burton creates pictures from conversations. Here he talks about his visualisations on the theme of learning to be professional

Kai Jansen writes and sing songs. Here is the song he produced for and sang at the conference suitably called ‘Professionally Challenged.


Creative Academy
Creative Academy is designed to help educators transfer and adapt creative thinking and facilitation techniques used in the design world to other disciplinary teaching and learning contexts in the world of higher education. It comprises a one or two day training and professional development process aimed at helping higher education teachers develop their ability to think like a designer and to facilitate students' creative thinking when they are working in groups


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