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e3i Case Studies

As part of the work of the Sheffield Hallam University Centre for Excellence in Employability (e3i), we have identified examples of Learning, Teaching and Assessment practice that support the development of Employability skills. The Employability CETL has invited colleagues to share their employability teaching practices with a wider audience. You can find a selection of case studies, providing examples of actual approaches to pedagogy implemented within a variety of subject groups and faculties within Sheffield Hallam University. These case studies answer the "how" question in employability teaching and allow us to learn from colleagues about interesting and innovative ways that encourage and support students in developing their employability skills. The case studies are organised according to the elements of the employability framework which they have as their focus.

Case Studies by Category

Note: All e3i Case Study documents are in PDF format - Links will open in a new window.

Real World Activities


Career Management Skills

Preparation for specific professional areas

Development of Autonomy

Reflection on use of knowledge and skills; transfer of these to work environment

Work-related learning

Key Skills Development

Specific case studies from Faculty of Development and Society

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