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e3i Interim Evaluation

All reports and appendices are in PDF format.

Full Report

Appendix one
Report on the Employability and Personal Development Planning (PDP) Survey Findings, Joanne Gledhill and Anna Stevens, June 2007, SHU Centre for Research and Evaluation.

Appendix two
Report on the Employability aspects of SHU Faculty Validation Documents 2005-6, Nicola Barraclough and Ian Woolsey.

Appendix three
Report on University Standing Panel Chairs’ Perceptions of the Employability Dimensions of the Validation Process, June 2007.

Appendix four
Evaluations of Projects Undertaken by Associate Directors of e3i, 2006-7.

Appendix five
Report on the Employability Considerations of SHU Faculty Academic Boards and LTA Committees, 2005-7.

Appendix six
A Commentary on the Change Models and Processes Proposed in the two Insitututional CETLs, Abbi Flint, June 2007.

Appendix seven
Approaches to Educational Change in Higher Education Institutions – the Case of the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Employability at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, David Laughton, June 2006.

Appendix eight
The SHU Employability Framework.

Appendix nine
The Employability Pathway in the Undergraduate Programme of the Faculty of Organisation and Management, November 2006.

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