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Bibliography of Employability Resources

CM&D SIG, 5th February 2008.

Windmills Resources

By: Kent Roach, April 2008


The Art of Building Windmills:  Career Tactics for the 21st Century
(Windmills/GIEU, 1999)

The Windmills Approach to WLPG: Working, Learning, Playing, Giving (GIEU 2005)

Windmills Action Planning Cards

Windmills Job: Job Hunting, Winning CVs, Successful Interviews

Windmills Skills Cards

JOBSHOPPING (Graduates Yorkshire, 2007)

Windmills Virtual Career Coach-

MEplc:  Career Management Performance Audit


O&M Employability Pathway Awayday, 26th February 2008.

Additional Resources

By: Kent Roach, April 2008


CDL: Career Development Learning Teaching Pack

Xing: Enterprise Planning Pack


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